Friday, July 1, 2011


Hey Guys!  Sorry I have been "missing in action"
it all happened like this....
You see as soon as school gets out in Charlotte,
my kids and I pack up our car to the brim and
head out!  We look kinda like this....
yep, we look like Granny, Jed, Ellie Mae and Jethro
only we don't have a rocking chair on top of the car 
but we do have a yorkie named Oliver  and a guinea pig named Lucy!

We drive and drive for hours until we reach our destination.....



I have visions on our drive of what I am going to do once we get there....


When In essence what I get is.....Screaming....

Only it isn't Andy Murray and the screamers aren't playing in Wimbledon!

So I posted this sign....Yes I did....Naaaah...just kidding....

There is also an occasional "I'm bored" because the cousins haven't arrived yet!!!
Actually everything is just peachy...
All the things I love about summer are about to happen!
The week of the Fourth with fireworks both in the sky and with family...
Kids playing on the beach, cousins running in and out of the house,
sand in my sheets and between my toes, 
friends who gather from hither, thither and yon...
sandbars and putt-putt, my kids buying candy at the local
store(from the same man I bought candy from when I was a child), 
boat rides, cookouts, tubing, great church services and most of all....
Just being in the place we love most with our family..

I am leaving next weekend for a mission trip to China for eleven days,
so my posts will  be scattered for a while but I will try to let 
post once in awhile....until then.....
Happy Fourth!!  

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