Sunday, July 24, 2011

Return from China...

Just Returned from My Mission Trip to China!
What a Life Changing Experience with a fabulous group of women!
I will be posting about my trip over the next few days
but wanted to share some pics of the rooftop transformation
first so you can get a little taste of what we did when
we weren't loving on the babies at Maria's Big House of Hope
in Luoyang, China

Remember the before picture of the rooftop deck?

Well, here is one of the after pictures taken from the other direction...

Courtesy of Cindi Pitts

As you can see, we added more furniture, hung sunbrella drapery, fun lanterns, even
planted some cute little metal flowers for color!  This is a place where the staff can
escape from the demands of the day.  If you are a visitor at Maria's you may also enjoy the rooftop deck!  
It is so quiet and relaxing!  Mikey and Moriah may even share some of their stories with you!  

Courtesy of Cindi Pitts

Thanks to all of you who donated money for this project!
We still want to add a stand alone swing, some benches, may be even a shuffleboard or
corn hole game or two if anyone who didn't donate wants to now!  It's never too late...

Once we get all of our pictures downloaded, I am sure there will be more to share of the rooftop and the kitchen/lounge we redecorated!  Stay tuned for more!  It was an exciting 11 days. 
 I look forward to sharing more with you!
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