Sunday, January 8, 2017

Announcing Lisa Mende Design Info Products Series Launching February 1, 2017

Do you remember this photograph of the gentleman's dressing room Traci Zeller and I designed for the Traditional Home Magazine show house "Adamsleigh" in 2013?

  It was the first showhouse Traci or I had participated in as designers.  Since that time, I have participated in six designer showhouses across the nation.  I am preparing to participate in my seventh in Raleigh in March with DJF Builders.  

 I have learned so much about the process it is mind boggling.  I constantly get asked by other designers to share my knowledge about things like designing show houses, how to style photo shoots, building public relations for your design business, connecting with brands, how to get published,  and more.  I have decided to share my knowledge! 

 I will be offering early bird discount rates for the initial kick off!  

 If you are interested in being the first to know about these products please email me at to be put on the list. 

 Want to know how to source items for a showhouse?
I'll tell you!

Interested in learning how to style a photo shoot?
I'll tell you!

Photography by Stacey Van Berkel

I'll be sharing all kinds of information that I have learned 
the past 20 years as an interior designer, blogger and also 
about social media, PR and more!  

Remember email me at to get
 on the list and receive the early bird discount!  

Information to be emailed directly to you!

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  1. That's fantastic Lisa! and some valuable information without a doubt just don't over saturate the market by giving it all out other wise you will be back to square one trying to be more innovative than the competition

    1. Thanks for your comment Arthur. Hopefully I won't do that. I get calls all the time for people wanting to "pick my brain" for info, so I decided this would be worthwhile to those in need of information.

  2. What a talent, Lisa and I love this idea for a series. Who doesn't want to know how you create your magic...count me in!! Happy Monday!


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