Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thermador's 100th Birthday Bash at Chicago Gourmet Is Happening NOW!!!

Bon Appetite presents Chicago Gourmet!  I'm here in Chicago today to attend the most exciting event in Millennium Park.  It's my favorite appliance brand, Thermador's 100th Birthday Bash!  There are events throughout the day from 11:00 am til 11:00 pm!  If you are in Chicago, come out and celebrate with us.  If you aren't in Chicago, make sure to follow me on my instagram to see live videos and pictures of all the events.  We have major chefs here cooking up everything from tacos to tailgate fare.  I cannot wait to meet Rick Bayless from Frontera Grill and well-known PBS series Mexico: One Plate at a Time, who is hosting the Tao of Tacos at 8pm on the Harris Theater Rooftop along with Mindy Segal and Takashi Yagihashi and others!

Tomorrow I'm taking over ThermadorHome's instagram account from 12pm - 3pm, so follow me there by clicking here  @thermadorhome

I have to get dressed and head over to Millennium Park, so please come out and enjoy this fun-filled day!  Meet me at the Bubbly Bar for a toast!!!!

The exclusive Grand Cru experience provides the ultimate in culinary indulgence with tastings of elite wines from around the world.  Serafin Alvarado, Mater Sommelier and Director of Wine Education, expertly curates the afternoon's wine selections for presenting sponsor Southern Wine and Spirits of Illinois.  From 2pm - 4pm today and tomorrow, Sept 24-Sept 25th at the Harris Theater Rooftop!

There will be live demonstrations, seminars, gourmet pavilions, book signings, and tasting tours!  If you are a foodie or love wine, mixed drinks and entertaining, this event is for you!

Events All day today and tomorrow!  Check out Chicago Gourmet's
 website for details and the schedule of events here!

Thermador is an official sponsor of Chicago Gourmet.  My trip is sponsored by Thermador but opinions are my own.  I only participate with brands that I know and love.  I only write about things I think my readers would enjoy! 

Happy Saturday!  Cheers!

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