Thursday, February 26, 2015

Design Bloggers Conference 2015

I'm so excited to be at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  The weather may be cold and snowy outside, but the weather isn't getting us down.  We kicked off the event with the Nate Berkus!  Nate has an innate ability to make everyone feel like he is speaking directly to them. He brings a calm, common sense approach to design. 

The audience sat captivated by Nate's advice to give ourselves permission to be who we need to be as designers.  Nate used several quotes that struck a chord with me.  

Known for creating environments for his clients that speak to their soul, Nate shared that the best rooms are created over time.  I came away with so many nuggets of wisdom but probably my favorite was " Give yourself permission to be honest about what you want and need, and maybe more what you don't."

I have so much more to share, but I need to pay attention to the speaker, so stay tuned for more nuggets of wisdom from the plethora of speakers we will experience while at DBC.  

I want to apologize for my blog absence, but blogging was limited in Germany due to lack of internet connection. I cannot wait to share about my experience at Blogtour Ambiente!  Amazing doesn't begin to cover what our team experience.  I plan to blog in detail next week about our Modenus Blogtour experience in Frankfurt for Ambiente but for now I must pay attention to the wine that just got delivered to my table at the Design Bloggers Conference.   Cheers! 

Photography credits to Ben Rose Photography

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  1. These events must be so inspiring and incredibly exciting Lisa! Stellar lineup!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Oh it was so great Karena! Loved every minute! Hope you can come one day!

  2. wasn't it great?!
    one of my favorite speakers were you and traci, admire you ladies and your collaboration. thank you for sharing your wisdom
    bon voyage!


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