Friday, April 11, 2014

Moore Councill High Point Market 2014

It was an exciting market this spring and one of my favorite showrooms was Moore Councill!  The showroom looked as vibrant as ever.  I wanted to share these beautiful photos with you.  Enjoy!

Elegant dining chairs.

I am digging those curved sofas.

I especially loved this piece.  It has all kinds of storage for women.  The Tiffany blue interior is so pretty too!

These new occasional tables were adorable.  Perfect for between or beside chairs. 

This dining table was a real beauty!

Moore Councill has beautiful furniture which makes it easy to want one of everything in the showroom but the real prize at Moore Councill are the people.  Always there to help in anyway they can.  At any given minute you may call and Moore himself might be the one to answer the phone.  Moore grew up in a furniture family and really understands what it takes to run a first rate furniture business.  I like doing business with nice good people and every time I go in the Moore Councill showroom I am reminded why I love them.  Please visit their website to more of their beautiful products. 
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  1. LOVE the doors, and the console shelf! I would mind having a few of the umbrellas either.Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

  2. Lisa, I am really loving Moore Council! They have really got it together!
    Adore that very first console!
    The Arts by Karena


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