Monday, April 21, 2014

Louise Gaskill Lighting

I am crazy in love with Louise Gaskill Lighting.  Louise takes vintage materials and creates modern designs.  While I was at High Point Market, I paid a visit to Louise Gaskill Lighting in the salon at Market Squares.  

When I first met North Carolina lighting designer, Louise Gaskill, we instantly connected after discovering we were   Meredith College alumnus.  Meredith is located in Raleigh, NC, where Louise currently resides.  It is a girl's school, that boasts an angel for a mascot.  The angel mascot began as a   "tongue in cheek" joke, but was quickly embraced by the student population.  Once you become a  "Meredith Angel" you are part of a special sisterhood for life, so I consider Louise a "sister".  

I knew I wanted her beautiful lighting in Studio 202.  It is perfect for the concept Traci and I envisioned for the studio of offering things that are not currently found in Charlotte.  We both love custom pieces with a unique flair for our client work too.  Louise's line is an extension of the original art offerings, we have curated for the studio. We can't wait to share the entire collection which is growing by the day. 

I am happy to welcome Louise Gaskill Lighting to Charlotte!

Yay! Her lighting will be in Studio 202! 

Louise's collection of original and reproducible chandeliers and lamps is inspired by her love of amazing glass.  She incorporates vibrant colors of beautiful mid-century glass in all of her pieces.  She pairs this unique glass with fabulous vintage components and then hand applies gilt finishes, which culminates in an exquisite one of a kind chandelier or lamp. Louise offers two lines, one of unique pieces and the other of reproducible pieces.  Both collections are fabulous  but I love having the option to create such amazingly unique pieces if the situation arises with clients.  To own one of Louise's pieces whether one of a kind, or the reproducible is to have a work of art in your home.   Feast your eyes on the beauty that is Louise Gaskill Lighting....

These gorgeous lamps were style spotted by Meredith Heron, High Point Market Style Spotter extraordinaire. Have you checked out all the trends and fab things the style spotters chose this market?  Click here to review!

These lamps and shades are to die for!  Louise said the only reason they didn't sell was placement in the space.  

This chandelier is from the reproducible line and
 is available in three sizes.  

These two pendants are part of the original 
collection of lighting Louise offers.  
She only offers these when the glass is

If you would like to create a fabulous "one of a kind" chandelier for your home, contact us at Studio 202 today! We would be happy to work with you to create the "Pièce de résistance" for your dining room, bedroom or anywhere you need statement lighting!  

Opening Soon.... Studio 202

A curated collection of original art, lighting, accessories, and furniture in Charlotte, NC

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  1. These are simply jaw dropping gorgeous Lisa! I want the white pair with the gold shades, stunning! Louise Gaskill is incredibly talented and artistic!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I loved her line at High Point. It is fitting you should have her unique pieces in your studio! I love the contemporary with touches of antique, a little glam and lots of style. xo Nancy

    1. Love her style. You are so sweet to stop by! oxoxox

  3. I just love the Table Lamps, specially blue ones. You should use sisals on Long Island from Peykar Rugs, it will looks more good.

  4. Wow! Amazing lighting and a Meredith grad :) What's not to love?!

  5. you’ve made some good points there. it’s a good idea !


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