Sunday, February 10, 2013

Seven ways to Find Your Own Voice


In January, I started a new series called "Living Authentically" I had good intentions of walking you through the process, but life happened. Client projects, travel, sickness and other things I can't wait to share, got in the way.  In the mean while, I had posts that had to be written about things that needed discussing at that moment like  The Unity In Design Event in High Point this month.  I also felt compelled to shared a bit about my trip to AltSummit, Design Camp with Lori and Kelli and Mastermind with Tobi.

Design Camp in Atlanta, Georgia with Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis

Meeting Barry Dixon with my friends Kelly and Joann

  I have been lucky to have so many great events and meet so many wonderful people, but I must say, I'm a little ready for things to slow down a bit and regain my focus on my work.  Unfortunately, there are more things on the horizon which are exciting, but will keep me really busy until the end of May.  I will share as soon as I can.  

I can tell you that High Point Market just named who will be on the panel with me as the new Style Spotters for the April Market!  Congrats to Stacey Bewkes, Grant K. Gibson, Raina Kattleson, Kelly Kole, Erin Loechner, Marisa Marcantonio,Marilyn G. Russell, and Michelle Wiebe
To read more about this awesome list of trend predictors Click Here!

I still have plans to share living authentically with you.  If you made a notebook, don't dispair, you will get to complete it evidentually.  I didn't realize when I started that series, the work that needs to be done before you can actually live authentically in your home.  
You must first live authentically in your own skin. 

Karen Walrond - Courtesy of Karen Walron/Chookooloonks

 I had a great class at Alt taught by the amazing Karen Walrond, who authors Chookooloonks blog.  (Chookooloonks means sweetheart in Trinadad) Karen is a former engineer and attorney, now photographer, journalist, speaker and blogger.  Her inner beauty is evident with each sentence she speaks.  Listening to her describe her life compelled me to delve deeper into finding my own voice.  Karen wrote a book called "The Beauty of Different" which calls us to embrace our differences and realize the things that set us apart or make us different, may be the very things that give us a special beauty and uniqueness to others.  She says there may be a super power there we aren't embracing because of negative self talk, due to society's measuring stick.  Karen challenged us to find our own voice. Here were her top seven ways to find your own voice:

1) Stop Comparing - When we compare we discount.  When you "compare your insides to other's outsides" it is an unfair comparsion. 

2) Practice Seeing - Look around you, the way you see your life is exactly how it is.  Do you find beauty in the little things?
3) Journal, Read, Collect awesome things - Karen shared her journal with us and it had cards, notes, and all sorts of things that were special to her. 

4) Name what lights you up, what turns you on?
Karen's is Speak, Write, Shoot.  What is yours?  
She said to write down things you love, then write action verbs as to why you love those things. For instance, I love to cook, then answer.. Why do I love to cook?  answer: Because it is a way I can show my family I love them, I love sharing food with others, I enjoy the process of cooking, etc.

5) Travel - Even if it is a day trip, get in your car, and go to a different place.  Notice how the place you go is different from where you are daily.  

6) Make life happen!  Don't just sit around waiting for things to happen, as Nike says "Just Do It".  What do you want?  You don't get a yes unless you ask!

7) Create your own story!  There is no one in the world that has the same story as you!  What is your story?  What can you offer the world?  What can people learn from you?

 I learned a lot at Alt and came away full of inspiration, but also a little paralyzed, because I felt that I had so much work to do to be where I want it to be.  When I look over my notes, Karen's advice is a good place to start.  I challenge you to use these seven steps and find your voice.  
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  1. We all have to "think" about where we are and where we want to go!
    Great advise, always

  2. Thanks so much for the good words of advice ... This has been my promise to myself this new year ... live and love what I am living!

  3. We can all use this advice.
    You are a busy lady, but all great things. Look forward to seeing more.
    Happy Monday.

  4. Fantastic advice Lisa. I look forward to your sharing what you learn at these things. I want to go to some of these someday, but in the mean time I have to live them thru you! Best of luck with all on your plate. You are a winner and a person of influence, that's for sure.
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    xo Nancy

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