Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Go Mighty...

Photo courtesy of Go Mighty Website

About every 19 seconds, a family loses a child to a water-bourne illness. Here’s more about charity: water’s mission:

At AltSummit I learned about Go Mighty and immediately knew it was something I wanted to get involved with.  

As it says on their website Go Mighty is "for people who want to connect and collaborate to do something good for themselves and for others.  To learn more about 
Go Mighty visit their website here .  

Their concept is quite simple.  They list it as three steps:

1. Create : Make a list of your life goals
2. Connect : Find people locally and 
globally to help you with your goals
3. Share: Share your stories and invite
 brands to support you.

Interest in joining me to "Go Mighty" yourself?

 Go Mighty 101!  
  Go Mighty is my invitation only! Request to join here.
Once you join, use the 10 step tutorial to build your Life List. Go Do It!  You will be glad you did!

How awesome is it that someone wants us to be happy, conquer our life list and help others?  I'm in, are you?

(all photos courtesy of Go Mighty)

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