Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Fabulous Friday...

Art from little blue deer

Don't  know about you but I'm glad it's Friday!  I am ready for the weekend...but before I rush off to enjoy the weekend...wanted to post a couple of  Fabulous Friends...
First let me introduce, my very talented friend & artist, Laura Trevey of  Bright, Bold and Beautiful blog  Laura's blog is a favorite!   She is a talented artist, wife and mother of three!   I smile every time I read her blog!  When I decided to start my blog, it was Laura who directed me to...... the Fabulous Shari Miller of  Little Blue Deer !    Shari is a blog & website designer, who has an awesome blog herself.  Not to mention, Shari also has the patience of Job.
Here's what Laura posted about Shari on her blog in August...

Shari is the Bold Vision behind little blue deer. Every time I visit her gorgeous blog, I get lost in her sinfully beautiful and dreamy photos... Shari is a graphic designer who currently operates a coffee shop and roasting company with her husband in Savannah, Georgia. She adores blogging, and would love to one day work for an online magazine, in the tradition of Lonny and the upcoming Rue.
I am delighted to announce that Shari will be mentioned
in the inaugural issue of Belle Inspiration!

Below are some of Shari's beautiful photos from her blog!

Mosey on over to Bright,Bold and Beautiful & check out Laura's fabulous watercolors, then go to Little Blue Deer and see what Shari had going on!  Thank you Laura and Shari for helping me get my blog on!!!  Happy Friday....

I want to wear this party dress!  by Laura Trevey
Another of my favorites from Laura Trevey!

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  1. You can't help but smile when you look at these. Beautiful, Laura.
    Lisa, Congratulations on your blog! It's Fabulous :-) I hope you're coming to Memphis for the party! Would love to meet you!

  2. Lisa, so proud of you! Can't wait to see all of your creative thoughts and ideas...I'm sure we are all in for a treat!

  3. Thanks Lisa! You are off to a great start :)



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