Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shhhhh....Listen Up! I Have Insider Info About High Point Market Insider's Tour! Never Been? Want To Go?

Have You Ever Wanted to Attend High Point Market or Haven't Been to High Point in the Past four or more years due to Circumstances?  Listen Up...

If you have never been to High Point Market and want to come and experience a Design Bloggers Insider's Tour, concierge level reservations, and treatment while there I might be able to hook you up as an insider!  Don't register on the High Point Website but instead click the link below! 

 As a 20+ year veteran of High Point Market, I'm here to tell you this is the way to come to market!  Experienced market attendees like myself will be there to guide you around market!  
Click Here to Keep Reading and Find Out How & Why You Should Come to High Point!

What can you do to get in on this VIP Tour, you ask?

 Here are the qualifications:

1) If you have NEVER attended High Point Market, this is perfect for You!  Or if you have attended market that's ok, but you must not have attended a High Point Market in four or more markets.
2) Must be a qualified buyer! (must have a tax id and actually be legit buyer)
3) Must register through a certain process which isn't on the High Point Market Website so click the link below.   Or Just Click Here 
4) Feel Free to Email me at if you have questions!

Why Should you come to High Point Market?

1) To see the latest and greatest in Home Decor, Gifts, lighting and more!
2) To Network with other designers
3) Hear great educational panels
4) Well, of course, to go to the parties, Did I need to really say that?
5) Connect with some of the most influential designers in our industry
6) Build relationships with the companies you wish to buy from and meet your sales reps.
7) Get samples for your showroom such as catalogs, memos, etc
8) See the scale of the furniture.  Sometimes things look so differently online.
9) See the quality of the furniture, again sometimes things aren't as they seem online
10) Sit on furniture so you can honestly tell your clients you know how a chair or sofa sits. 
11) Learn selling points which will make you a better sales man for your clients.
12) Feel prepared for your work like you have never felt prepared before.  Tools in hand and all your questions answered.  

Are You Asking Yourself Right Now If You can Afford to be Away from Your Clients to Attend High Point Market?  The answer is you cannot afford not to come! 

First Time Buyers, We will walk you through the process and help you navigate the market.  You will leave feeling like you know what you are doing.  It isn't that hard but when you arrive for the first time in High Point, it can be daunting.  Let us make the process smooth and comfortable.  Complete concierge service.  We will even teach you how to use the Red Line, Shuttles around the market and to your hotel so there is no room for error!  

Contact me at for more details If you wish, but click the button below to see if you qualify!

Click Here To See If You Qualify & To Register!

Space is Limited So Make Sure You Sign Up Now!  I want you to experience the best that
High Point Market Has to Offer!!!  It is a must do for all designers!

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  1. What a great idea and I can't think of a better tour guide! Will look forward to seeing you there, my friend!


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