Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Antonio Moro: Artist Portifolio

This morning on instagram I discovered a new Polish designer, Johanna Majewska.  Her work is so beautiful I got lost in her feed.  As I looked at her designs I discovered the art was so moody and exciting so I sought after the artist.  The art is the work of Antonio Mora

Utterly and completely in awe of the work of Antonio Mora, a Spanish artist who fuses together mind blowing compositions.
Formerly a designer and art director, Antonio's images force the viewer
to think outside the box.  These mysterious images  provoke fantasy and imagination as if one was in a state of subconscious dreams.

Here are some of my favorites from his collection.  

Visit his website to see more here.  I am fascinated!
Which is your favorite?

I think perhaps I would like a mural.  He says to use the mural and
 "let your walls dream"  The murals are shipped disassembled and numbered so they are easy to install according to the artist.  For more info click here.

I want to use one in an upcoming project.  

Images printed on Mate Photo Paper, 235 grams, with HP DESIGN JET Z6100, with water-soluble inks with pigments, resistance to sun exposure, warranty 100 years. Various sizes offered but for larger sizes contact 

I didn't to post my book review and giveaway yesterday, look for it tomorrow!  I have a great book to review tomorrow so make sure you come back to read the latest review and find out who won Wanderlust!
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