Thursday, October 6, 2016

Currently Coveting: Frances Palmer Pottery

Flowers are an integral part of my life.

As a designer, I am forever creating fresh flower arrangements for my home and also that of my clients especially during photo shoot time.  The perfectly unperfect arrangement for me always starts with the vessel.  My style is to create arrangements that look as though one walked out into the backyard and clipped the flowers from the garden and then tossed them in a vase.  My style is casual yet to create the look you must have a sculptural vase and lovely flowers.  I am also on the hunt for the perfect vessel or vase if you are southern like me and prefer to call it that.  I was delighted to discover Frances Palmer's pottery.  Frances is both a gardener and a potter who makes her efforts at creating the perfect arrangements in the perfect vases flawless. I am now obsessed with building a collection of her work.  The pieces are so simple yet, offer the perfect backdrop for beautiful flowers, food or whatever you deem worthy or just used by themselves.   Here are some of the pieces I hope to collect:

 I am in love with this beautiful bowl and can just picture it on the counter in the kitchen with peaches, apples or artichokes.  

The perfect pitcher for sunflowers, tulips or as a decoration in a 
cupboard when not in use.

The No. 3 flower vase is so feminine and frilly, perfect for soft,
feminine flower arrangements.

I don't think I need to explain why this piece is fabulous, 
it speaks for itself.

The log vase is so unexpected and fun!  Mix a variety of flowers
 in this piece for a creative display.

The beaded pedestal with ruffled top shown here.   Doesn't
 seeing this arrangement make you want to create beautiful 
flower arrangement of your own to enjoy?

The beaded pedestal vase with ruffled top is a work of art and
 would be perfect a bookcase alone, but to add flowers to this 
beauty would create a vision of beauty.

Frances also makes beautiful cake platters which enhance
 the presentation of desserts for birthdays, anniversaries
 or anytime it is necessary to create special moments. 

The Milk Splash Bowl is the cutest little bowl.  I can think of
hundreds of uses for this bowl.  It looks like a little crown to me.

Cambridge cups are the perfect size for tiny buds or one large bloom. 

The summer vase is perfect for all those beautiful summer flowers,
 but it is the perfect container any time of the year.

The ruffle vase is also a favorite from Frances' collection.
 Isn't it exquisite?

For now, I would simply be happy starting my collection
 with this little guy!  I have already put Santa on alert!

Most of Frances' collection is in white, but she offers a few pieces
 with color like the Vigee' vase which is lovely.

No. 2 Oxide in blue and white is another favorite for blue
 and white collectors.

I adore the white pieces but The Footed Vigee' in blue and pink
 is my very favorite piece of all!

These beautiful, sculptural works of art are functional, which makes them the perfect addition to open shelving, where space is limited, and items must be useful as well.

 Don't even get me started on her dinnerware!  Can you imagine a table set with these beautiful plates? Dreamy!

Frances Palmer, gardener, historian, potter, teacher, and photographer!  
I hope to meet Frances one day soon.  I would love to take one of her classes to learn more about her world and work.

Frances offers signed and limited edition archival prints on
 Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper on her website as well !  Isn't this stunning?

Click Here to Purchase or Learn More About This Book!

Frances is one of the makers included in Grace Bonney's new book, "In the Company of Women" which I can't wait to get my hands on!  It should be arriving soon!  Here is the description of the book from the publisher:

"Across the globe, women are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and starting creative businesses. In the Company of Women profiles over 100 of these influential and creative women from all ages, races, backgrounds, and industries. Chock-full of practical, inspirational advice for those looking to forge their own paths, these interviews detail the keys to success (for example, going with your gut; maintaining meaningful and lasting relationships), highlight the importance of everyday rituals (meditating; creating a daily to-do list), and dispense advice for the next generation of women entrepreneurs and makers (stay true to what you believe in; have patience). The book is rounded out with hundreds of lush, original photographs of the women in their workspaces."

It's just a "want-fest" around here!  I want it all!

Needless to say, but "I'll take one of everything"

If you want to be inspired by what inspires Frances follow her on instagram here!

Visit her website to see the entire collection and read more here!

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