Monday, July 25, 2016

Coterie Coming to Charlotte!!! Win A Free Membership!!! Found Out How Here!

Do you find this true?  I do!  I have worked many years to build my tribe of women who will help me when I need help.  The reality is it takes years and years to build a tribe.  Whether in your own city or across the nation, it is important to have a community of people to support your business.  Now, Coterie Company is putting the fast forward button on helping you build a tribe!  

Have you heard about Coterie Company?  I'm excited 
Coterie Company is coming to Charlotte!  

What is Coterie Company, you ask?  

A place where like minded woman can co-work in a motivational environment.  What is co-working? It is a creative new way for people to work.  It is also the social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other.  Co-working involves sharing a working environment, such as an office with other like minded individuals.  Unlike a typical office, these individuals often come from different backgrounds of work and not employed by the same companies.  These people can be people who travel and need a place to work, work from home professionals or independent contractors.  Working with others prevents the isolation often felt by working alone.  COTERIE provides a supportive community for entrepreneurs and independent professionals who want a space to work, connect with peers and collaborate. Members will enjoy our fun, relaxed atmosphere with perks that include beautiful spaces, drop-in workstations, lounge areas for collaboration,  "state of the art" conference suites and a fully stocked kitchen to gather + enjoy fair trade coffee, fresh juices, local artisan food and more. 
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 How to Win a Free Membership....

Isn't this exciting?  Are you an artist, designer, or other professional who could benefit from being a member of Coterie Company?

If so, how excited would you be to

Coterie is giving away a
 FREE Membership !!!!

Here are the Coterie Contest Rules:

1) #COTERIEforme as the contest hashtag
2) Entries reviewed weekly, winners announced weekly beginning August 1st
3) Any woman in the NC/SC region can enter
4) Applicants must complete the type-form + submit 60 second video or photos/other supporting materials introducing themselves + their brand/vision Click here for the form!
5) Must be prepared to articulate their vision/brand and explain the impact opportunity for the Charlotte community
6) Must agree to be featured on COTERIE website/blog/media etc if chosen
More about Coterie...

More about our Event Opportunities Click Here

Coterie gives back too!!
10% of their gross revenue is dedicated to supporting others. Yes, you read that correctly. From worldwide water projectsending human trafficking, advancing education for women globally and community organizations working to aid + advance their veterans, are partnering with mavericks of social responsibility to help change the way {the WHY} people work. 

Find out why this new company has chosen to be female
 focused by reading here!

Follow Coterie on instagram and get a sneak peek of the new office building in Charlotte here!

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 and events happening with Coterie here!

Have a conversation with Coterie on twitter here!

I am a new member of Coterie Company!! I hope to see you there!
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