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The Hottest Sandals for Spring 2016!

It's the Friends and Family Sale this week on Shopbop so
I have been perusing the options of spring favorites while I can get 25%off with three day shippinng and free returns.  This sale is for three days only so for the next three days I'm shopping at Shopbop and saving a little moola on spring fashions.  Today, i'm shopping my favorite category of all, spring sandals!  

For the past few years, gladiator sandals have been really popular and remain popular this year but the most popular style seems to be a gladiator style with tassels, fringe and amulets.  Tassels and fringe have been popular across the board in home decor and runway fashions.   Since, I never met a tassel or fringe I don't like, these sandals are right up my alley.  

  Have you gotten a pair yet?  I bought this pair of tassel, bedazzled gladiator sandals last year and was excited when I discovered them last week.  If you want to support the designer who started this craze, buy a pair from Elina, because I think her sandals were knocked off by all the majors this year.   Elina has competition on esty now too.  I also like a girl name Dimitria who has some cute styles that I'm eyeing this year as well like this pair , this pair and this pair, but unfortunately hers aren't on sale right now. She is now making kids sandals which are pretty darn cute if you have a little girl!  As a matter of fact there are quite a few of these style sandals on etsy, if you go there just put greek sandals in the search bar or click here and you will find them.  I love the various charms and pom poms Dimitria adds to her sandals.  I enjoyed the pair I bought so much last year and got compliments each time I wore them.  Fair warning! You must be prepared to jingle and jangle when you wear them though!  

Do you pinpoint categories of need when buying your shoes?  

I do.  Here are the categories I try to fill to meet my needs
 in the sandal department:

1) flat casual 2) casual wedge 3) statement sandal 4) neutral 5) flip flop

 I always try to choose my favorites from each category  to make sure I have all my fashion needs covered!    I'm being more selective about what I buy these days because I've reached the phase of my life where less is more. 

 "Buy less of everything and only what you truly love" 
is my new motto!"  

Speaking of what I love, here are some new sandal styles I am pondering to fill my sandal requirement in the tasseled, fringe, or gladiator 
style (statement sandal)  category:

Top 10  major contenders "most likely to end up in my closet"! 

Sam Edelman Demi Studded Sandals in Black $110
A good black sandal is hard to find and this one is just about perfect in every way!  I think the silver studs keep the black from being too dark.  The price is right too!  Also cute in this style with fringe!
Rag and Bone $425
Another incredibly sexy black sandal is this one from Rag and Bone.

Jeffrey Campbell Borla Sandal $150

This cute fringe style from Jeffrey Campbell looks like the perfect sandal to wear in the islands.  It's the Me, Jane, you, Tarzan sandal!

Sol Sana Tan Fringe wedge $165

Like the fringe but need a wedge?  Here is a fab shoe! This is another similar option in a little darker color that I like.

Splendid Cameron Gladiator $108 in Champagne
This pair could honestly fit two categories, flats and neutral.  Gold or champagne is a great summer sandal color.  If you pack a sandal like this it can go with every outfit and looks great on tanned legs.  This pair of sandals can be worn with a sundress or shorts, so it is very versatile.

Jeffrey Campbell Malang Fringe Sandal

My friend, Sarah, who is my young, fashionista shared this pair with me last week.
  Great sandal at a great price. 
Figue Gold Tassel Sandals $195

These gold sandals from Figue would probably be a pair I would live in all summer until the tassels fell off.  I like them in black/white too.

K. Jacques Gold Thong Wedge $320
These are pretty pefect too!  I have worn K. Jacques wedges for many years and I keep buying them over and over.  Wedge, flip flop, gold what more do you want?  Fits three of my categories all in one shoe!  Now is the time to buy them while they are 25% off!  = $240!
I also love the K. Jacques Epicure sandal here!

Aquazurra Pom Pom Sandal $735
I never met a Pom Pom anything I didn't like and this sandal is no exception!
How cute is this?  I also like its sister with a little heel here!
Gretchen Tassel Sandals $138

Same for this pair as well.  Great for a sundress, or shorts.  Another bedazzled
 gladiator of similar style which is pretty cute is this one from Loeffler Randall.

Steven Salma Wedge $99

I always love having a of wedges in my closet.  This are simple and chic.  Wedges add a few inches to your height and length to your legs!


Salvatore Ferragamo $775

These aren't tasselled or bedazzled but I'm totally digging this pair of
 polka dotted sandals from Ferragamo!  Now where the heck is the pot of
gold at the end of the rainbow?
You snooze, you loose...I did!

If these are still available in your size, you are lucky.  Dang it!
The ones that got away before I got them....

Tibi Chloe
This is one sexy shoe!

But my all time favorite sandals for Spring are:

Matiko Liza in Cork $150
Have you ever had a pair of cork shoes?  Undoubtedly the best summer shoes ever!  Cork is perfect for every outfit plue the nude color looks great on your leg and if you buy wedges you look like you have legs for miles.  I will gladly wear these and go from my 5'4" height to 5'8" in a zipzap, who wouldn't?

Aquazura Suede khaki green wedges $715

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Rachel Comey Canary Croc Sandals $495

I'm into yellow right now, so these are pefect to add my favorite pop of color to all my boring black /white outfits...

This quite possibly win the award for simple, chic,
 most comfortable sandals.  

Loeffler Randall Skye Leopard Gladiator $250
This list would not be complete without one leopard sandal
 so here is my pick for Spring 2016

My niece just bought these so I decided to add them to the list...

Sam Edelmann Gemina $99.99

What are your favorites?  I hope I gave you something
 to get excited about?

Remember these are only on sale til April 7th
 then they return to regular price!

Enter code INTHEFAM at checkout to get 25%off full price
 and sale items today through thursday!!!

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