Friday, March 25, 2016

Southeastern Showhouse & Gardens Tour April 23 - May 15th

I am so excited to be participating in the Southeastern Showhouse and Gardens Tour in Atlanta sponsored by Atlanta Lifestyles and Home Magazine April 23-May 15th.  I was asked to design the mudroom and friends porch!  When I design I room, I am typically looking to the client for inspiration, but when designing a room in a show house, I have to dig a little deeper for the inspiration.   When there isn't a client to consider, the only source of inspiration is the room itself.   I looked at the mudroom and thought was part do you play in the design of this beautiful home?  It struck me that the mudroom is the place the owner enters when coming home each day.  It is the room where a sigh of relief is heard.  We can drop our bags and remove our shoes and realize that alas we are home.  
That's when it hit me that I wanted my theme for my room to be "There's no place like home".   As campy as it might seem, I knew the best icon for this phase was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  When Dorothy clicked her heels and said "There's No Place, like Home" I remember thinking she's right.  No matter the size, condition, or place there is truly no place like home.  Last year when having dinner at Mark Boomershine's house, I became an instant fan of Mark's work.  His amazing artwork includes Wonder Woman, portraits of well-known celebrities and local folks.  Mark's work of iconic people is so fabulous, so I thought what if I get Mark to paint a Dorothy for my room.  After all, it made sense that I should use an Atlanta artist for my "no place like home" room.  Mark agreed to take the challenge and painted this beautiful painting for my room.  Meet Dorothy....

I was so excited when she arrived!  I cannot wait to get
 her stretched and ready for the room!

 Isn't she lovely?  She measures 50" x 60" so she is a standout piece!  Dorothy will be the focal point of my room.  Do you love how Mark reinterpreted the rainbow into prisms around Dorothy's head!  Thank you, Mark, for partnering in my room by providing this amazing work of art!

I scoured the internet looking for the perfect Dorothy.  I commented on various artist sites and google search many options before sending Mark several Dorothy images I liked.  Mark told me he would have to use his artistic license to reinterpret Dorothy in his own way.  I understood and was completely comfortable with his vision.

Here is one of the Dorothys I sent Mark.  You can see how different the final painting is from this images but still remains the likeness of Judy Garland as Dorothy.   I love the way Mark shaded her face and added his own style to the painting.

Credit Free Musical

She is for sale if anyone is interested!  Please send me an email for details!

I am happy to say that Thibaut Design and Century Furniture have also agreed to partner with me to bring a rainbow of color in fabrics and wallpaper as well as beautiful furniture in my room to
 compliment Dorothy.

  I am so excited to reveal my "There's No Place Like Home" mudroom on April 23rd!  I hope you will see it! 

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  1. Lisa, I am a Kansas girl, so I am loving this concept!
    Boomershine's art is incredible! And yes, there is no place like home!!

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

  2. One word: "Wow"!
    Talk about inspiration....

  3. WOW - that's amazing!! Now I have to ask - do you ever sleep?!! You never cease to amaze me, my friend!

  4. Wow great concept, i will try to adopt your creative art concept in my next lecture to my students of Interior Designers At Hyderabad

  5. I absolutely CAN'T wait to see the reveal! Wizard of Oz is truly my favorite film, and I just can't even imagine what you have planned. Looking forward to the reveal, and I'm sure you'll nail it!


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