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Sophisticated and Chic Dinner at The Boomershines!

I have a special treat for you today!  I have been so busy with the show house, client work and a secret project that is upcoming; I haven't had time to blog very much.  I promise to make it up to you by sharing a dinner party I was privy to attend while in Atlanta for Design Bloggers Conference.  

I'll bet upon first glance, you thought the above photo was a work of art, didn't you?  Well, you would be right!  The only difference between this creation of art and art hanging in a gallery is that this was edible! This was the salad that greeted guests at a dinner party.   I knew the minute I saw this salad and they manner in which it was presented, that my evening was going to be an adventure.

It isn't every day that one is treated to a dinner where all the senses are engaged.  I was fortunate to be the guest of a recent dinner party that was beyond anything I have ever experienced.  This noteworthy experience is one of my favorites.  I was one of the forty plus guests of Adam Japko, CEO of Esteem Media, Inc.  The dinner was at the beautiful home of Mark and Cinda Boomershine in Atlanta, Georgia. The chef was Tyler Williams.

Here is Tyler adding the finishing touches to the salad.

Our evening began in the backyard of the Boomershine residence.  We noshed under the stars on a crisp night on a first course of salad and sake.  Shown here are chef Tyler Williams along with Mark Boomershine.(on the right)

The sake they served was Wakatake Daiginjo .  If you like sake and haven't tasted this brand, add it to your "must try list.  I love the description on the Wakatake Daiginjo website.  Pop over and read it for kicks.  I didn't feel like a gangster as the description implied, but I did feel fortunate to be sipping sake on the Boomershine's terrace.

After our first course on the terrace, we were invited into the Boomershine's home to continue the meal.  Their living room was transformed into a kinetic arrangement of tables covered in hand-painted runners by the uber-talented Mark Boomershine. 

 Currently, Mark is painting a ten piece art exhibition called "Revealed: Faces of Our Time," to debut in The Surrey Hotel, NYC main floor and VIP Penthouse in May.  The exhibition will include iconic people of our time.  To read more about the event at The Surrey  click here.   

This photograph shows a better view of the incredible table runners Mark painted for the tables.   Mark's art was displayed on the walls, and rainbow colored Chiavari chairs lined the tables.  I felt like I was sitting in a chic gallery having dinner. 

 The only other decorations on the tables were brightly painted artist mannequins holding flowers which was perfect 
with the artsy, sophisticated yet playful theme of the evening.

I mean, really how clever is this?


The first course was on the table when we arrived at our tables.  
Doesn't it look like a Mondrian painting?  That's because is inspired by Mondrian's works.  As a matter of fact, the entire menu was inspired by famous artists.

A miniature artist sketchbook was placed by 
each place setting.

At first glance, I thought it was some of Mark's available paintings, but a closer look revealed the sketchbook outlined our menu for the evening.

It included artistic drawings and descriptions of each dish.  

The first-course, Jackson Pollock inspired salad.

 The bread and pesto butter inspired by
 Henri Matisse cutouts.

The third course Piet Mondrian inspired appetizer

Next we had soup served in Andy Warhol inspired cans.  Boy was it yummy!

The entree featured a Rothko inspired steak
 and potato gratin.

Dessert was a Calder inspired plate of goodness.  

Here's the team that made our night a reality.  Of course, we have the Boomershines also to thank!  Without their beautiful home and hospitality, this night would not have been nearly as special.

I would like to give huge kudos to Adam Japko, who was the instigator of this incredible evening.  Adam has a gift for bringing people together.  Where ever you find Adam, you can bet there will be interesting people, good food, and wine.  He is a connector and true visionary! The talented duo Steven Fant and Tyler Williams were the artistic architect and chef behind this incredible evening along with the homeowners, Cinda and Mark Boomershine.  

 Cheers to Adam, Steven, Tyler, and The Boomershines, all of  whom, worked together, to make this evening a reality!

And if the incredible food and wine wasn't enough, we were sent away with adorable CindaB pouches filled with goodies.  Did I forget to mention that Mrs. Boomershine is the owner of "CindaB"  handbags and totes?  Yes...this couple is an talented duo!

  I love the CindaB pouch I received!  I have been online shopping for more CindaB products since returning home.  If you aren't familiar with CindaB, make sure to check them out online. Her products make great gifts. Of course, if you are like me you will subscribe to the "one for them one for me plan," once you see the great CindaB product line up.

The baby grand piano in the living room featured an arrangement of artists figurines that capture the fun and "joie de vivre" of the evening.  

 The night at the Boomershines was one of my
 favorite events I have ever attended.  Not only was it a night to remembere, but I came away with a memento of the evening. 

I ask Mark if I could have one of the table runners he painted for the tables.  He said "Yes!"  I was thrilled!  This piece will be popping up in my Traditional Magazine sponsored show house breakfast room...  It's going to be dynamite!  Every room needs a story and Mark's contribution offers the perfect story for my breakfast room.  

 A special thank you to Cinda and Mark, who opened their home and hearts to all of us.   If Cinderella had been a designer, this was certainly her night at the ball.

I hope the next time I see Mark and Cinda will be at his exhibit at The Surrey in New York!  It's going to be another fabulous Boomershine event.  If you want to get a peek into the world of Mark Boomershine click here and while you are on instagram check out CindaB here to see some of Cinda's great line!

Make sure you visit Mark's website and make plans to visit The Surrey Hotel for his exhibit.

Viewing: May 14th – June 5th, 2015 

Location: The Surrey Hotel, 20 East 76th Street, New York, NY 10021

Mark Boomershine

Mark Boomershine, Cara, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 48 Inches

Credit for the photography used in this


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  1. Wowie Zowie Lisa! This had to be a 'pinch me' experience. I can't begin to understand the creativity of the dinner going from inspiration, to the menu, to the execution of the food and presentation. You are rollin' with da Big Dawgs....thanks--I savored every single detail. (Although I did want to see inside of those pouches.) You scored big time on the table runner. HOW PERFECT IS THAT? Your breakfast room will no doubt be amazing but the runner is the cherry on top. (Sorry this is so long....I'm excited for you!)

  2. What a glamorous evening! Love being there vicariously! x Maria

  3. what a gorgeous meal- I love the design work and thoughtfulness that had to have gone into that- brilliant minds! thanks for sharing, xx

  4. Unbelievable! The menu, the food as art, the colors- all over the top gorgeous. I'm so glad you shared this with us!
    Congrats on the runner! and best of luck with the showhouse! xo Nancy


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