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Lisa Sherry's House and Parlore Party

 I want to kick off my week long recap about Fall High Point Market today with one of my favorite events during market which was the Parlore Party at Lisa Sherry's house sponsored by Lonny Magazine.  I have been a long time admirer of this talented designer, who puts the cool in "uber cool."   When Lisa Sherry's house was originally featured in Domino Magazine 
I can remember pouring over the photos for hours.  I am always intrigued by designer's homes, but this one was even more interesting to me.  Lisa's style is so unique and fresh.  Her aesthetic is a combination of a honed good eye as well as a curator and collector of interesting objects.  This combination results in amazing vignettes.  Her vignettes collectively result in rooms, that are dynamic and interesting.  When Amy Flurry, creative director for Parlore invited me to the party at Lisa's, I was really excited.   I knew this night would be one to remember.  

We arrived at Lisa Sherry's house on the eve of the party.  Our car was loaded with designers from Texas to Vancover and everywhere in between.   We piled out of the car and gazed out the neighborhood trying to locate the party.  Alas, the street number was located on an imposing Georgian style home which seems to fit perfectly into the confines of the traditional southern neighborhood.  The exterior gave no hint to the intriguing interior which we would find within.   

  I decided to use the photos from Domino, because my photos were taken with my iPhone and not that great.  I will share what I loved about the house, while using photography taken by Brittany Ambridge for Domino.  I am including a few photos I snapped at the party which weren't in the magazine, but reveal features I loved about the house interspersed with the magazine's professional photography.   Please forgive the quality of my photographs.  Hopefully you get the jist of the amazingly chic home of Lisa Sherry and photographer husband, Ron Royal through Brittany's photographs and my descriptions.    To  read the entire article featuring Lisa Sherry's home in Domino  click here.

Like so many southern homes, the front door of this home opens into a large central entry way dissects the house.  When standing at the front door, there is a direct view through the house and into the backyard. According the the article in Domino, Lisa left the original wallpaper in the foyer, but updated the look by painting her signature white below the chair rail and moldings. 

Breaking away from traditional standard height circular hallway tables, Lisa instead grounded the foyer with a sexy low table and curated the perfect tablescape with stack of books, blue and white ginger jars, vases and interesting artifacts.  The low table keeps the eye from being blocked from the view of the backyard. In keeping with her caual luxe style, the arrangement for the hall table consists of a couple of branches of greenery which seem
to be plucked from her yard.

Immediately to the left of the foyer is the living room , which Lisa has chosen to house a ping pong table trimmed in fringe rather than standard living room furniture.  She believes in useful rooms instead of collections of furniture.  This room was exactly as it was photographed for the magazine.   

 The dining room also nods to the traditional bones of the house with stylized wallpaper and a farmhouse table but Lisa shakes things up with a mix of chairs.  

I loved the artwork on this wall.  Not sure who the photographer is, but perfect
 for this wall in the dining room with Oly Pipa table. 

Across the room the Wilhem cabinet from Mr. Brown and oversized sun mirror from Oly mix to add the perfect components for the dining room.  Vases and urns add a relaxed accent with a simple twig branch for an organic touch.

One of my favorite areas of the house was the bar, adjacent to the stairwell,tucked into a little nook.  This area is confirms a space doesn't have to be large to make an impact. The walls are covered in interesting paintings of various subject matter, which are a feast for the eyes.  The night of the party there were candles in the bar reflecting in the mirrored back wall of which provided glamour and ambience.  

This picture shows the genius of Lisa Sherry. The stairs are covered in three hides that Lisa cut and applied to the treads.  What  a great idea for an instant stair runner.  The zebra print was the perfect compliment to the black and white marble floors. 

Although this photo is not very clear, I wanted to share this interesting vignette next to the stairway.  The Simon Pierce Lamp, oly zebra mirror, bust, books and artifacts mix to create a fun and artful curated vignette. 

Another example of an interesting tablescape created by Lisa Sherry.  Her
formula seems to consist of great furniture, interesting objects, both sculptural 
and organic curated by a keen eye for placement and accented with perfect lighting.

The back of the home has been renovated to include large glass walls where
traditional walls once stood.  The second floor of the renovation houses 
Lisa's office.

I didn't go upstairs in the home so here is a picture of Lisa's office as shown in Domino.  

The main level of the glassed enclosure is a sunroom with relaxed seating and chaise lounge chairs draped in sheepskin.  

The night of the party, the vine arbor was light with tiny twinkling lights.  Outside the sunroom was a fire pit in the ground where everyone was gathering to enjoy a
crackling fire and conversation.


The backyard has interesting seating and fun areas throughout.  Thank you Lisa Sherry and Parlore for a fun night in High Point.  This was a perfect night of chic southern entertaining.

 If you are an interior designer and would like to learn more about Parlore which is a new operating system for boutique design firms click here. 

To learn more about Lisa Sherry visit her blog here. or her website here.

 More on High Point Market tomorrow!  If you missed my High Point Market instagram feed, catch up by following me on instagram here.

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  1. I loved her house when I saw it in Domino and it looks amazing. What a fun evening that must have been. So wish we had seen you at the market - maybe in April!!

  2. Lisa, OMG I was going to email you about these pics because they got deleted off my computer and I was so upset! So imagine my delight just now when I saw this post! Love it!! xo Maria
    PS. Thanks for the mention!

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    2. mine are not so great Maria but mixed with the Domino photos not so bad i don't think? of course i would mention you!! oxox


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