Monday, September 29, 2014

Ronald McDonald Project Design Part 2 Update with Mende/Zeller

Traci Zeller and I installed our room at the The Ronald McDonald House Long Island last week.  We arrived on Wednesday to meet with our contractor, Laurence Carolan of The House of Laurence.  We were thrilled with the progress in our first floor business office which we now refer to as "The Cocoon" thanks to the lovely painting by artist, Kerry Steele.   Our room is tiny, but an important room in the house.  It is a place where the parents of sick children can go to conduct personal business while guests in the house. 

(click here to see our room before & ....)

Here are some before pictures of our first floor business office:

 As you can see, there is minimal room for furniture so we had to 
pick our pieces of furniture carefully.  Lucky for us, Kravet donated the
 beautifulParis Desk to our project.  We love the sleek design
 of our Paris desk.

The room is so tiny!  I literally had to stand against the wall to take this picture of Traci.  

 The original door was replaced with a glass door, which really opens up the space.  


The beadboard and wallpaper was removed and replace with Thibaut 
"Minerals Collection" in teal and covered the ceiling in the same paper
 in bone The Thibaut "Minerals Collection" papers are really pretty and gives
 a nice shagreen texture to the walls and ceiling.  Once all the old finishes were removed and the new finishes applied, this ugly ducking began its Cinderella transformation.
And a transformation it was.....
Traci and I worked like little beavers getting our space finished and styled for our photo shoot on Friday with the talented  New York Photographer, Marco Ricca.  We loved working with Marco and can't wait to share the photos of our finished room.  There were a few glitches along the way but our team rose to the occasion and things turned out really well.  
 We can't wait to share the end results.   

What a true privilege to be part of that experience.  Many designers have raised enough money to cover the cost of a family staying in RMD-LI for a year.  Traci and I aren’t there yet, but we’d like to be.  With your help we can be. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online.

The good news for you, is that Traci and I were so busy last week, we didn't have time to draw for our Grand Opening Prizes as promised, so you have a last chance to  win  with your donation.  You have until midnight tonight to make a donation to Ronald McDonald and we will add an entry for you in our giveaways.  Here's the link  to donate.

 OK, all you Southern your sistas out!  We don't want to be the only designers in the house who don't raise enough money to provide for a family!  
The Northern Designers are blowing our socks off with their Fundraising!  

Need enticing to donate?  Click Here to be reminded what you could win
 with any size donation!  If you were at the Grand Opening, why not double your
 chances and  donate so you get an extra entry?  The prizes are fabulous!!!!

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  1. Dear Lisa, I am amazed at all you and Traci have accomplished. I have made a small donation. I wish it could be more; medical bills from my latest hip replacement are rolling in!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. You are so kind! Thank you so much!! oxox Take care of yourself. oxox

  2. There is no better feeling than using our talents to make a space beautiful, comfortable and functional. Hats off to you ladies!!

    1. You are so supportive! thank you so much Joann! I take that as a compliment from a lady who gives back herself! oxox

  3. What an honor for you guys! Your space will be spectacular I'm sure. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Kelly, it is an honor! I appreciate the supportive good wishes from you and Joann, you two certainly give back as well. Can't wait to see you at market! oxox


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