Wednesday, June 6, 2012






it's the last week of school around here.. between work, kids and life
i haven't had any time to blog for the past few days ...without any warning or explanation,
 i just disappeared!  i'm sorry!  that's just how it sometimes gets in the way..

it seems only yesterday, my boys were wee little ones and tomorrow they will be graduating from middle school and lower school.  even though I am doing the "happy dance" for summer, i am sad that my little guys are growing up....
time marches on whether we like it or not...
  Change is the only constant...

I promise to be back really soon! Perhaps tomorrow?  Nope, tomorrow is graduation!
Perhaps Friday....ahhh yes may be on Friday!

until we meet again, savor the moments! 
that's what i'm doing....
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  1. No apologies necessary, Lisa. I have had "life" happening, too over the past month or so and my girls are graduating from elementary and middle in about 2 weeks and we are heading into final exams first so there is a lot of activity. Enjoy the milestones.


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