Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Die For Wall Tapestry For You to Make!!!


I had to share this  with you this morning, in case you are up for a little DIY
on Saturday.  I don't have time today but I am going to make this for my beach house
before summer gets here for sure!  This would be great for a child's room, a dorm room
or anywhere you like a little bohemian look!  You can choose the colors you like and make it
look anyway you choose.  I love the bright colors and these are perfect for my beach house but can't
 you imagine it in all natural tones or blues and greens?  Yummy!!!  So here you go...


Here is a close up of one of the designs, once you make a whole bunch of these you just connect them and have your finished product.  It doesn't have to be a rectangle.  Could be any shape or size you want it to be and who said it had to be circles?  I could see squares or rectangles too.  Heck I could see this lying on the floor as a rug by the bed or sew a back on and make a pillow or a, fun, fun...

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photos from FreePeople

Click Here for a complete tutorial on how to make this killer wall tapestry from Free People blog.  It's really not that complicated.  It's kinda like making a lot of little art projects and attaching them together to make one masterpiece!

Do you like?  Are you motivated to try making one?  
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  1. Amazing & so fun! Wish I had time for DIY but never do. Thanks for stopping by RHS!


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