Thursday, August 17, 2017

Editor At Large "Southampton Designer Showhouse 2017"

Thank You Editor at Large for including Lisa Mende Design in your coverage of the Southampton Designer Showhouse sponsored by Traditional Home Magazine!  The house built by Paramount Builders is open until Sept 4th.  If you haven't been make sure you go before the house closes!  

Click the link above to watch the coverage by Editor at Large's own, Fabulous Tori Mellott!  

Tori Mellott interviews Jill Waage, Alexa Hampton, Lisa Mende, Rajni Alex, Rayman Boozer, Jennifer Mabley, Austin Handler, Matthew Frederick, Michael Del Piero, Eddie Ross, Jean Liu, Catherine Davin, Richard Cerrone and Beth McDonough.

Click Here for information on the showhouse!

A Special Thank You to Woodard Furniture for Sponsoring Lisa Mende Design!   Woodard Furniture is top quality outdoor furniture.  I love their custom options they offer designers.  Their team is a dream to work with too!

  Click here and visit the Woodard Website to see this amazing line!  

Thank You To Room Partners who provided products for my room at the Southampton Designer Showhouse 2017:

Ballard Designs
Bunny Williams Home
Dash and Albert by Annie Selke
Louise Gaskill Lighting
Perennials Fabrics
Replacements, INC

A special Thank You also to Traditional Home Magazine for sponsoring the house and allowing me to participate!  

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shhhhh....Listen Up! I Have Insider Info About High Point Market Insider's Tour! Never Been? Want To Go?

Have You Ever Wanted to Attend High Point Market or Haven't Been to High Point in the Past four or more years due to Circumstances?  Listen Up...

If you have never been to High Point Market and want to come and experience a Design Bloggers Insider's Tour, concierge level reservations, and treatment while there I might be able to hook you up as an insider!  Don't register on the High Point Website but instead click the link below! 

 As a 20+ year veteran of High Point Market, I'm here to tell you this is the way to come to market!  Experienced market attendees like myself will be there to guide you around market!  
Click Here to Keep Reading and Find Out How & Why You Should Come to High Point!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Miles Redd For Ballard Designs

One of my favorite designers and AD100 constant, Miles Redd, has collaborated with Ballard Designs, to create a new line of furniture, accessories, and lighting which will launch in August!  If you are like me and can't wait til the official launch then pop over to the pre-launch sneak peek and take a gander here!

 I honestly like every piece in the line, but this post includes my favorites which I predict will be best sellers.   Miles Redd and Ballard Designs hit a major " home run" with this collection!  Make sure to tee up your purchases prior to the sale opening because I predict a quick sell out of the first inventory released.  You don't want to be on the back order list while watching others posting their Miles Redd/Ballard items in situ on instagram.  

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lisa Mende Design is Proud to Present The 'Linden House Outdoor Dining Porch" at The Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017

Hamptons Designer Showhouse
78 and 82 Rosko Lane Southampton, New York
July 23, 2017 - Sept 4, 2017
Open Monday - Sunday 11am - 5pm
Benefits Southampton Hospital

I am so honored to have been asked by Woodard Furniture and Traditional Home Magazine to design an outdoor porch at the Hampton Designer Showhouse in Southampton, NY.   When I was asked to create a porch, I decided I wanted it to be a dining porch which would combine the casualness of the North Carolina coast with the chic high style of the Hamptons.  As with all my projects, the initial design consideration was function and flow.  Once I had my beautiful Woodard furniture chosen, the next step was to address the aesthetic design of the porch.  That is where I really have fun but before I talk about that, let's address the items I chose from Woodard Furniture.  Are you familiar with Woodard?

Woodard is so great because they offer custom options that we designers love. I chose the Bay shore wicker dining chairs with cushions in sea salt and the Glade Isle dining table but I chose to use a custom hammered top in Aztec Bronze.  To finish the space I added a pair of Van Dyke side chairs but opted to remove the large back cushion and replaced with a lumbar pillow from Woodard so the handsome mid-century back is revealed.  Last but certainly not least, I chose to include a Woodard tea cart in a white lacquer which I set up as a bar cart.   
The only hard surface in the space to consider was the fireplace which is a peach colored brick, so the jumping off point of the color scheme began with choosing colors that would work back with the brick.  Everything else was white which I chose to keep, so the porch felt light and fresh.  I honestly wanted to paint the ceiling aqua but then it would need to be repainted after the showhouse closed so I decided to keep it white but if I had been designing a porch that would remain I would definitely have painted the porch ceiling aqua or haint blue.  It is the southern thing to do, right?  Old wives tales maintain the porch ceilings in the south were painted blue for two conflicting reasons.  One tale is they were painted blue to ward off evil spirits but honestly people are as superstitious today so that doesn't hold credit.   The other tale was the blue paint was done to ward off mosquitos, which could be more likely since paint back then was made from lye and once lick resulted in death.  Today, it is more likely we paint our ceilings blue as homage to our southern past and also because blue feels like the sky and expands the ceiling to feel more expansive.  I paint ceilings blue because I like adding accent colors.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Windsor Smith for Century Furniture at High Point April Market 2017

Design icon, Windsor Smith introduced her new collection at Century Furniture during High Point Market April 2017.
The "Alchemy" Collection by Windsor Smith was well received and celebrated during April High Point MarketHigh Point Market in April!  The collection includes 70 easy-to-mix classics which are versatile enough to use in every room in the home.  The collection includes everything from upholstery, case goods to wall decor.  
The collection was named "Alchemy" - which she defined as "Seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination" 
 Windsor explained her approach as the following in her own words, “My goal is to provide effortless combinations of shapes and materials culled from sources far and wide to forge a new, tightly edited whole. Every detail feels bespoke, precisely chosen for modern living, and engaging over time for generations to come.”
Let's take a look at some of my favorites from the collection:

Point in case.  The lady is a pro.  She pays as much detail to the front of the chair as she does the back of the chair so I'm showing this chic chair from the back. Take note of the "jewelry" for the back of the chair with a nod to the equestrian world.

The "Daybreak sofa" was equally stunning and dramatic at 110" in length.
The perfect sofa to add drama and great seating to your room.  It reminded me
of something you would see in an old Hollywood movie.  

Again, details are part of what sets Windsor's design sensibilities apart from the part.  Notice the cuff detail on the leg of this side table.  

 This gorgeous bed was so inviting.  By the time I saw the collection, my initial response was to climb in bed and pull the covers over my head but honestly, the collection was so stunning it captivated my interest and intrigued me to move forward and see what was around the corner.  

Across from the bed was this Hollywood worthy viewing corner complete with the most comfy and plush swivel chairs, bar stools and table for the ultimate media room experience.
My friend, Robert Leleux of Southern Style Now and I enjoyed a break in these comfy chairs and dreamed about having a room like this in our own homes.

Yes, you are seeing correctly!  this is the most stunning mirrored top dining table 
I have ever seen!  The floor is also from a collection Windsor Smith designed featuring weathered wood and various finished woods in a geometric pattern.

 The Meridian settee is a four-sided sofa which answers the designer's question to what to do when you need a pair of sofas in a room but wants something more unique and interesting than just a pair of sofas!  It can be used in a foyer, large dressing room or larger living space.  Modern yet classic in design, this is the perfect neoclassical piece with carved wood and gold left detailing. 

The "Twilight sofa" is another piece with " Old Hollywood" appeal.  It perfectly sums up what I would describe as a "fainting couch".  It's flirty and fun with its curvaceous seat and button back.  Great to use in an angled corner of a bedroom, dressing room or flanking a fireplace to soften the geometry of a square room.  

Bam!  Another winner!  I don't know which I like more, the Shield, framless mirror or the handsome desk.  One is feminine the other is masculine which adds the perfect tension to
a master bedroom in mybook.

A new dining table and chairs were another wonderful part of the collection.  I also loved how Windsor styled the rooms.  The simplicity of the grass in the round trays was the perfect centerpiece for the table.  Proof that sometimes there are things better as centerpieces than flowers.  

Other people have done cloverleaf ottomans but never have I seen them with cute little brass legs and grouped in a pair.  

Doesn't this vignette feel like the set of a great movie?  The oversized shield mirror is the pefect focal point in this room. 

Cool, chic and simple.  Three words to describe the feel of this ever so sophisticated guy's room!  I won't say boy's room because I think my 19 year old would love it as much as anyone.

How chic is this barstool? I'll take a pair and while you are at it please throw in the table for good measure, right?

 The Clara tete a tete from her original collection with Century is a Windsor iconic piece in my book.  It is what I remember loving from one of the foyers that first caught my attention and took me down a rabbit hole admiring Windsor's portfolio years ago.

Windsor's kept to her signature grey color throughout the collection but kept things interesting with textures such as fur and leather. 

I'll admit I had to lie down and experience the chaise which I found to be very comfortable.  When I first saw it, I didn't think that it would be but I was proven wrong.  

What a sexy, strong and artful silhouette this chair adds to a room.  Again, this chair was as comfortable as it was great looking. 

Don't we all want a corner sofa?  Dont' we all want to put Windsor Smith's new collection for Century in our projects?  I know I am dying too!  

"So many pieces, so little time" is the cry from most designers!  Windsor Smith hit a homerun in my opinion with this collection!  I cannot wait to see these pieces in upcoming features in magazines by designers.  Her collection is worthy of the best!

Make sure you visit the Century Website to see more here!  

This post was sponsored by Esteem Media Design Blog Tour for High Point Market.

Make sure to check out more of the Design Blog Tours participate's post here

The bloggers selected for this tour include:
– Courtney Allison,
– Margot Austin,
– Nina Magon,
– Lisa Mende, Nora Murphy,
– Michiel Perry,
– Jana Platina Phipps,
– Ruthie Staalsen,
– Laura Umansky,
– Rhoda Vickers,
Thank you to Our Sponsors participating in the tour include:
– Artefama Furniture,
– Bernhardt Furniture,
– Century Furniture,
– Crypton Home Fabric,
– Eastern Accents/Pandora’s Manor,,
– IMC – Interhall,
– Nathan Anthony Furniture,
– Rachel Ashwell,
– The MT Company,
– Theodore Alexander,
– Universal Furniture,
- Emporuim Home
-Bunny Williams Home
-Huntington House

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