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The Pros Share Their Favorite 15 'Peacock Blue" Paint Colors

Have you ever wanted had to choose paint colors for your home and wished you could to dial up a professional designer and ask what their favorite color is what you are trying to pick out?  

Here's the next best thing!  I'm going to poll my designer friends each week for their favorite "go to" colors across the color spectrum.  Let's start with one of the hottest colors right now, Peacock Blue.   Peacock blue can range from soft blue to deep, bold blue and everything in between. 

Here are the top Peacock Blue Paint Picks from the Pros:

1. Krista Nye Schwartz of Cloth & Kind
Farrow & Ball - Hague Blue no. 30

Hague Blue no. 30

"I wanted the closet to have a soulfulness and comfort; Hague Blue was the perfect choice for this little jewel box closet " ~ Krista Nye Schwartz

2.Erika Ward of Erika Ward Interiors -
  Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor #CSP-720

Benjamin Moore "Dark Harbor" CSP-720

"Dark Harbor creats a dramatic, sophisticated 
the backdrop for a bedroom."
-Erika Ward

3. Leah Ansel of Leah Ansel Interiors
Benjamin Moore "Salzburg Blue."

Benjamin Moore #755 Salzburg Blue

"My favorite peacock blue is Salzburg Blue, it is magically vibrant and soft at the same time.  Such a perfect backdrop for any artwork.  It makes other colors pop!  It's a color that makes me feel warm and fuzzy! "
  ~Leah Ansel

Leah also loves the following two peacock blue colors:

4. Benjamin Moore Varsity Blue #756

 Benjamin Moore "Varsity Blue" #756

5. Benjamin Moore "Venezuelan Seas"  2054-30

Benjamin Moore Venezuelan Sea #2054-30

6. Laurel Bern of Laurel Bern Interiors -  

Benjamin Moore "Naples Blue"  #2057-30 

Benjamin Moore "Naples Blue" 2057-30

                                      "It's beautiful in small spaces,
                                            like in a small country
kitchen and has enough warmth to
 look fabulous in a low light or north facing room".
~Laurel Bern 

7. Robin Siegerman of Renovation Bootcamp :
Benjamin Moore "Twilight" 2058-10

Benjamin Moore "Twilight" 2058-10

Credit Via
"I pick Twilight because " it looks much deeper on the fan deck than it does on a wall.  When it's applied, it has a quiet vibrancy, that isn't 
apparent on the chip". ~ Robin Siegerman

8. Jana Rae - Sherwin-Williams #SW0064 "Blue Peacock"

I like Blue Peacock "because it's one of those colors that's bold and dramatic but not over the top.  It will make a statement whether it's an entire room painted in it or just a single painted wood chair.  Just like in nature it can be easily paired with neutrals or more bold pops of color like purple or lime green". ~Jana Rae

Jana also likes Sherwin Williams SW6769 "Maxi Teal"

9. Natalie Sewell Reddell of Natalie Reddell Interiors aka
"Commander in Chic" - Sherwin Williams SW6789 Blue Mosque

Sherwin-Williams SW6789 Blue Mosque

Photo Credit to Jami Carlton
This is a photo of Natalie's dining room, which she says is her husband's favorite color in their house.  

10. Peggy Platner of Platner & Co. Interior Design of Malibu -
Farrow & Ball - Lulworth Blue NO. 89

Photography courtesy of Farrow & Ball

"I prefer Farrow & Ball's Lulworth Blue, as their recipes have a much higher pigment content than other brands which creates a visibly greater depth.  In choosing colors, we always follow natures lead.  A peacock offers so much vibrant inspiration for a room.  Beautiful hues of blue that create the mood, depth and contrast." ~Peggy Platner & Co.

11. Ruthie Staalsen of DecRenew Interiors
Sherwin Williams "Gulf Stream" SW6768

Sherwin-Williams "Gulf Stream" SW6768

My favorite "peacock" color is Sherwin Williams Gulf Stream SW6768 shown on the chair in the photo above.  This chair was in one of our kitchens that was featured in Traditional Home Magazines special edition "Great Kitchens" May 2013.  Fabulous Color!!! ~ Ruthie Staalsen

12. Kelly Rogers of Kelly Rogers Interiors -

 Benjamin Moore "Fair Isle Blue" #CSP-715

Benjamin Moore "Fair Isle Blue" CSP- 715

Fair Isle Blue in a bathroom of client of Kelly Grant Rogers

13. Catherine Avery of Resovate -
Benjamin Moore "Bahaman Sea Blue." 2055-40

Benjamin Moore "Bahaman Sea Blue" 

Photo via www.arena-salon.com
"We recently painted a travel agency Bahaman Blue.  The client is all about traveling to Africa and other exotic destinations.  Her office design reflected this.  It is also the color in her logo". ~Catherine Avery

14. Amy Wax of Color 911

Sherwin Williams "Tantilizing Teal" SW6937

Sherwin-Williams Tantilizing Teal SW6937

15.Benjamin Moore "Un Teal We Meet Again" #739

Did you notice the range of colors from the designers which all 

fall into the range of peacock blue?

This post reveals how differently everyone views color or thinks of a 

specific color.  Yet another reason why it is vitally important to work with 

professional when it comes to picking paint colors.  Clear 

communication is key and vital to achieving proper results! 

Collect pictures out of magazines, start a Pinterest 

Paint Board, Find a Fabric or shopping bag the color you want to use.   

Small paint chips can be so deceiving.  The designers know how it will 

look on the wall given the light in the room or the reflections from other 


Tip:  I always recommend painting large poster board samples 

to pin around the room, you plan to paint so you can look at the color at 

various times of day in various degree of light.  


Thank you to my designer friends who were willing to share their favorite

peacock blues today!  Which is your favorite?  If you decide to paint a 

room in one of these colors please let me know by posting a picture on 

my Lisa Mende Design Facebook wall!

Tune in Next Tuesday when our Pros share their Picks for 

Favorite Black Interior Paint!


  1. If you have an account with Sherwin Williams they will send you 8" x 10" color samples. Helpful. Anne Edwards, Goldthorpe & Edwards, Ltd. @GEInteriors. Great post.

    1. Yes Anne they do and it is much better than the tiny chips, but I use a board about twice the size of the 8 x 10 which my clients love. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Hi Lisa, Great round up of gorgeous blues! Thanks so much for including me! xoxo ~ Laurel

  3. Hi Lisa, Thank you for including me in your post! Love the range of blues. xo

    1. Thank you for participating Peggy!! always good to hear from a pro like you!!

  4. Lisa, this is such a great idea! Color is such a fun topic and it's fun to see all the photos of the colors "in action". Thank you so much for including me! Excited for future like posts! #commanderinchic

    1. Thank you Natalie for participating! What a great group of designers here!


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