Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Recommend Maria Killam's Specifying Color With Confidence Workshop!

If you don't already know Maria Killam, you may be living under a rock.  Maria is a color specialist and hails from Canada, but honestly, I think she is in the US more than Canada given the popularity and demand for her color workshop, "Specifying Color with Confidence." 

This past April, I  had the opportunity to take Maria's Class here in Charlotte before High Point Market.  As a designer for 20 years I  honestly wasn't sure there was anything about color that I didn't already know, but since Maria was my friend, I wanted to take the class.  I was surprised at how much I took away. I pride myself on having an expert color eye that has been honed through many years of practice as well as the age old trial and error, unfortunately.  I  can identify many colors from most designer paint lines because I know the colors so well from specifying them over the last two decades.  I cannot say enough about Maria's class.  The class is perfect for the novice designer who needs more confidence on how to work with clients on choosing colors as well as the seasoned designer who desires to learn Maria's system which cuts time out of the process of specifying colors.  I'll give you a little tip...buy her color boards.  I would suggest buying her boards and taking the class but if you aren't going to take the class buy the dang boards.  If you are a designer and don't have them in your bag of tricks, you are missing out.  More on that later but for now, let's chat about her class!

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